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Organizational Planning & Strategy

StrategyPlanning (Strategic & Operational)

Business planning should be a critical process of any organization. Although much of the research, data and criteria collected for all plans are the same, still each plan should be a uniquely organized document that captures and communicates all aspects of the organization. The following is a list of our business planning philosophies that govern our planning process:

  • Organization Planning is critical for both short-term and long-term success
  • Organizational planning should follow a planning process which may not follow the yearly calendar
  • Organizational plans should not be overly complicated, but should be complete and provide clear direction for organizational personnel to engage and support the planned objectives, strategies, tactics and measurements. Organizational plans should be communicated throughout the organization / customers
  • Organizational plans should be updated frequently
  • Organizational plans should include portfolio choices that drives resource usage along with where to play and how to win.

Strategy (Proven & Unique)

Today, organizations are employing various strategies to improve organizational performance, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Often times, organizations struggle to join these various strategies into a single unifying concept that communicates, integrates and evaluates each strategy appropriately. Finding and adopting an over-arching strategy that guides the organization in choosing the best sub-strategies, methodologies and concepts that engages each employee and cultivates the desired performances and outcomes is essential. Therefore, we developed the RME Holistic Framework which is an overarching, end-to-end executable framework that consolidates all facets of an organization (purpose, mission, values, strategy, objectives, methodologies and tactics) unifying personnel into a single mindset thereby engaging each employee to discover, integrate and maintain practices that sustain an optimal outcome / performance trajectory for your organization.

  • RME Holistic Framework (Basic)

    RME Holistic Framework (Basic)
  • RME Holistic Framework (Complete)

    RME Holistic Framework (Complete)