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Our Approach

Tailored Integrated Performance Solutions!

Our ApproachNew Oaks Consulting’s unique approach begins with an integrated, engaging strategy that provides an end-to-end frame work that sets the stage for organizational optimal performance. We draw from proven methodologies and concepts, leverage our knowledge and experience to provide tailored integrated solutions for each of our clients. Collectively, our consultants are skilled business leaders who have built and managed domestic and international organizations in both the private and public sectors for a broad range of industries and channels. Therefore, we understand that each client and their needs are unique and require a tailored integrated engaging solution that solves their specific requirements and ensures their optimal performance and outcomes.

Our Engagement Process is Simple

  1. Establish Relationship: We meet with Leadership / Management to discuss their specific opportunities, issues and/or needs and define their desired changes, improvements and outcomes. We also discuss the business case, budget and timelines of each initiative and further our understanding of the organization's plans, values and culture to determine the best approach and ensure we are the best fit for your organization. Assessment Form »
  2. Assessment & Analyze: We continue to collect relevant internal and external data to complete an accurate situational assessment. This assessment provides the background to tailor each solution element specifically to your needs. Typically some management and key personnel are engaged to capture, analyze and review the data and formulate and prioritize the needs so that a plan can be developed.
  3. Planning: Next we develop an integrated engaging solution with an implementation plan, sequencing the action steps to ensure the desired timeline and outcome(s) are met. We present this solution and plan to leadership gaining agreement and to set expectations for solution integration and implementation. We also may test the solution or solution elements with organization personnel for added assurance that the tailored solution is optimized and delivers the desired results.
  4. Implement Integrated Engaging Solutions: Most critical step of any plan or project is the employee engagement and execution. First, Leadership must support the integrated solution and implementation process by providing the needed resources to ensure initiatives remain on time and on budget. Second, managing each step of the solutions implementation (controlling and measuring) in-turn provides the accountability that resources are optimized. Tailored solutions steps and tools may include; new strategies, methodologies, communication platforms, project management tools, lean six sigma tools, and other proven and unique tactics to ensure full integration and engagement of the solution.
  5. Sustain and Measure: This ongoing task requires leadership to integrate performance measurements, using both internal and/or external personnel, ensuring solution efficacy. Regular tracking and measuring of pre-defined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are critical to maintain an optimized, integrated, engaging solution and communicate to all organization levels to remain committed to performing the best business practices.

Our Philosophy

  • People are the most valuable organizational resource. Although most solutions include structured concepts and methodologies, their purpose is to engage and improve the organization’s personnel’s individual and collective practices, performance and outcomes.
  • Organizations are unique, and therefore, require unique solutions. Even though we employ proven methodologies and concepts, each organization’s culture, personnel and needs require a solution to be tailored for their specific optimal performance and outcome.
  • Organizational Leadership must support solution integration. To realize the full benefit of changes requires the support and strategic integration of the organizational leadership and management.
  • Solutions should be adaptable. Tailored solutions must remain agile and support the continued migration to adopt the best business practices, platforms and systems as the organization continues to grow and the marketplace and customers demand change.
  • Solutions should be sustainable. For solutions to remain sustainable they should be fully integrated into the culture, strategy and processes of the organization.
  • Solutions should be measurable. Once integrated, the improved practices, performance and outcomes should have regular measurements and reviews.