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Our Difference

We build relationshipsToday, organizations are challenged to adapt rapidly, utilize their resources efficiently and engage their employees effectively to accelerate performance with measurable outcomes. Consultants should be a valuable resource to help organizations achieve the next level of performance. Therefore, selecting the right consultants is critical.

Here is why clients choose New Oaks Consulting:

Client Organization Focused
Our focus remains on our client’s organization, their personnel and their customers, not on specific concepts, methodologies and products. To provide clients with an optimal solution, we focus on building relationships with leadership and key personnel facilitating the discovery and the defining of root causes and best solutions for their organization. This allows us to enter at any point in an organization’s trajectory and begin to impact the practices, performance and outcomes of the organization.

Tailored Integrated Engaging Solutions
Although we represent many proven concepts, strategies and methodologies, we understand that for any new deployment we first must craft a unique solution that can be fully integrated and most importantly embraced by all employees. By focusing on our client’s specific needs we tailor every solution deployment to engage personnel towards the desired performance and outcomes. We understand and consider organizational differences, therefore, a service company (like Healthcare), requires a different approach than a product company and the deployment strategies and tactics must be congruent with each business. 

Superior Deployment Strategies
Integrating new concepts and methodologies that are embraced by your employees is not a small undertaking.  Simply Implementing new practices without employee engagement can produce frustrated employees, fractured organizations, and ultimately the feeling that "it just doesn't work at our company".  New Oaks Consulting understands the deployment challenges, therefore, we invest the time to tailor solutions to the uniqueness of your organization, personnel, processes and value offering(s) to ensure the solutions are integrated, engaging and sustainable.

Talent, Experience and Values
New Oaks Consulting has the distinct advantage of being able to offer some of the most experienced people in business performance. Our model is different - we believe in proven competencies, values and experience.  Our experience includes being successful in many business industries, environments and situations deploying the various methodologies with the intended values.  New Oaks’ associates have lived through the challenges that businesses face today.  We roll up our sleeves and work in-process one minute, and remain prepared to interface with senior management the next. Call us for an introductory meeting... you will be impressed.